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PhD Graduates

Ferran Martorell
Loreto Mateu
Eduardo Aldrete
"Strategies for built-in characterization testing and performance monitoring of analog RF circuits with temperature measurements", 27th September 2010
Juan Felipe Osorio
Prediction of the impact of substrate coupled switching noise on Frequency Synthesizers, using high-level analysis and "models", 11th July 2011.
Enrique Barajas
"A low-power impulse radio ultra-wideband transceiver for short-range, high-speed wireless communications" 29th August 2011
Davide Brandano
"Design of Frequency Divider with Voltage Controlled Oscillator for 60 GHz Low Power Phase-Locked Loops in 65 nm RF CMOS", 9th March 2012.
Xavier Trulls
"Design of broadband inductor-less RF front-ends with high dynamic range for", 6th July 2012
Marc Pons
"Layout Regularity for Design and Manufacturability", 2nd of October 2012
Dídac Gómez
Design of Reconfigurable RF circuits for Self-Compensation (2013)
Nivard Aymerich
Variability-aware Architectures based on Hardware Redundancy for Nanoscale Reliable Computation (2013)
Gerhard Martin Landauer (open link in a new window)
Opportunities for Radio Frequency Nanoelectronic Integrated Circuits Using Carbon-Based Technologies, July 2014
Carmina García Almudéver (open link in a new window)
Variability and Reliability Analysis of Carbon Nanotube Technology in the Presence of Manufacturing Imperfections, July 29, 2014
Sergio Gómez Fernández (open link in a new window)
Regular Cell Design Approach Considering Lithography-Induced Process Variations, October 17, 2014
Peyman Pouyan (open link in a new window)
Reliability-Aware Memory Design Using Advanced Reconfiguration Mechanisms, November 16, 2015
Joan Mauricio Ferré (open link in a new window)
Monitor amb control strategies to reduce the impact of Process Variations in digital circuits, December 12, 2015
Lancelot García Leyva (open link in a new window)
Metodología de diseño lógico redundante para escenarios con ruido extremadamente alto y bajo voltaje de alimentación. January 19, 2016.
Marc Manel Molina García (open link in a new window)
Analysis of the High Frequency Substrate Noise Effects on LC-VCOs. January 29, 2016.
David Cavalheiro (open link in a new window)
Ultra-low Power Circuits based on Tunnel FETs for Energy Harvesting Applications, May 19, 2017.
Manel Escudero
"Reliability-aware circuit design to mitigate impact of device defects and variability in emerging memristor-based applications", May 2020