HIPICS research group page

Welcome to the website of the High Performance Integrated Circuits and Systems Research Goup.

The High Performance Integrated Circuits and Systems Design Group (HIPICS) is part of the Department of Electronic Engineering and is located in buildings C4 and C5 of the Campus Nord of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) in Barcelona (click here for a map and directions to get to us).
Its activity is focused in advanced topics of integrated electronic devices, circuits and systems related with technology limitations, second order effects and new technologies. The main research topics are:
  • process variations and noise aware digital design
  • analog and RF design techniques for deep-submicron and nanometer scale technologies
  • signal integrity and substrate noise effects on mixed-signal ICs
  • thermal testing of digital, analog and RF integrated circuits
  • design of RF, UWB and mmW integrated circuits
  • energy harvesting for ultra low power systems
HIPICS group has obtained the mention "Grup de Recerca Consolidat" by the Generalitat de Catalunya since 2005.

The group faculty teaches in the Telecommunications Faculty and also in the Doctorate Program of the Electronic Engineering Department.