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Talk by Todd Brooks from Broadcom

Talks, Seminar, Broadcom

Mar 24, 2016 from 09:00 AM to 10:00 AM
Aula de Postgrau, C5, Campus Nord UPC
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Todd Brooks, Director of the group "Analog and RF Microelectronics" in Broadcom, Irvine, CA, and responsible of the analog and RF microelectronics design group in Broadcom, Barcelona will give a 45min talk in the Dept. of Electronic Engineering at UPC.

This talk will cover Broadcom’s unique capability to develop advanced highly-integrated system-on-chip (SOC) products from the top down, beginning with a brief overview of the company, product portfolio, and manufacturing strategy. An example of a large SOC will be discussed to provide insight into the large variety and number of analog/mixed-signal and RF cores required in a typical Broadcom chip. Technology scaling and integration challenges will also be highlighted. The second half of the talk will delve into Broadcom’s audio technology with an example of a low-power 10mW stereo audio codec in a typical Bluetooth headset chip. Specific transistor-level audio circuit topologies will be described, including programmable-gain microphone preamplifiers, continuous-time ΣΔADCs, audio DACs, and speaker drivers.